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Every Pool Owner Should Know These Eight Simple Pool Maintenance Tips

Super Shark Pools, Sarasota, FL, Pool Maintenance Tips
A tennis ball can work to absorb oils that can damage pool equipment.

Simple Summertime Pool Maintenance Tips For Every Florida Pool Owner

Nothing says summertime more than floating in a pool in your very own backyard while soaking up the sun. In order to keep it that way, there are some important behind the scenes pool maintenance tips to keep your swimming environment in top shape year after year. Of course pool skimming is important, but there is much more to proper pool cleaning than just skimming. In addition to skimming, consider scheduling the following simple swimming pool maintenance tips to keep your water pristine.

Florida Pool Maintenance Tips

Test The Water Quality

The chlorine level in your pool needs to stay consistent. So, testing is vital and be sure to test often. When the right levels of pool chemicals are not added, the water's pH can get out of whack and cause calcium and bacteria buildup. The appearance can get thrown off and can quickly go from crystal clear to murky if the right testing is not performed. In addition to the look of your pool, when a swimming pool's balance is off, it can actually be dangerous for swimming. Be sure to test your pool's water at least once a week during the summer and when winter rolls around, test at least once every two weeks or more. As far as pool maintenance tips go, checking water quality is easy and quick to do and is one of the best ways to keep your water looking great.

Don't Forget To Clean The Filter

Your regular pool maintenance tips should always include the cleaning of your swimming pool's filter. Just like a lot of your appliances that handle water flow, your pool's filter is on the front lines of making sure your water is kept clean. Ideally, a pool filter should be cleaned every three to six months, but also be sure to check the filter after a big storm, as your filter can get clogged with leaves and extra debris that may blow into your pool.

Check The Level Of The Water

We often don't think about it, but the level of the water can heavily affect the water's balance. When the water level gets low, it can make the pump run on the dry side and work it harder than usual. Not only can low water level cause problems, but a high water level can too. When the water gets too high, the skimmer door doesn't work properly. You'll want to keep the level about halfway thew height of the skimmer door. If you happen to be using the pool a lot, or in the case of the Sarasota and North Port, Florida areas, happen to have a lot of rain, the water levels can change up and down. So, be sure to stay on top of the water level during your maintenance checks.

Clean Lint Pots And Collection Baskets

Swimming pools have various collection baskets that are designed to work with your pump and they should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. Your swimming pool pump has a pot that is designed for collecting hair and lint. Cleaning the pot is done by turning it off and releasing the system pressure. We recommend that you clean the pots, skimmers and collection baskets of debris every two weeks.

Skimming And Scrubbing

Almost every pool owner is familiar with pool skimming, where you remove debris such as twigs, leaves and bugs that have fallen into the water. What about the scrubbing part though? If you own a pool, you'll want to scrub the sides of your pool to combat the growth of algae problems in the pool before it becomes a never ending battle. Despite the chemicals you have in your pool, without consistent attention, there are all kinds of algae that will grow on your pool walls, such as Green Algae. Be sure to scrub your pool walls at least once a week to ward off any growth and keep your pool walls looking beautiful.

Don't Forget The Tennis Ball

The what? Believe it or not, this little trick can help you with your pool maintenance needs. Drop a fresh tennis ball in the pool and leave it for a while. The tennis ball will absorb many of the body oils and sunscreen oils that end up in your pool water and cause damage to parts over time. They all get absorbed into the ball leaving you with cleaner water.

Don't Forget About Winter

When the temperature drops, it is not uncommon to avoid the pool until the next day of swimming. However, every pool needs to be prepared for the colder months. The process called winterizing, often involves using a water testing kit to balance all the chemicals, clearing the plumbing lines and perhaps installing a pool safety product such as a nice fitting cover to ensure extra debris doesn't end up in the water. Winterizing your pool can help avoid pool repair problems and will ensure your pool is operating smoothly in time for the next summer swim.

Have Your Swimming Pool Professionally Serviced

There is a lot you can do on your own to make sure your pool is in great shape, but if you are concerned about making sure it gets done right, or even if you don't have the time, you'll want to consider hiring a pool maintenance expert at least once a year, such as Super Shark Pools. We can make certain that all your pool maintenance tips are paying off and alert you should anything be missing. Our expert team of pool technicians can also take a look at that more complicated pool equipment to make sure everything is running correctly.

Following These Pool Maintenance Tips Make For An Efficient Running Pool

When you follow these tips, you will be sure to protect your investment and make sure you and your family get many years of fun in the sun in the pool. If you have questions and would like get help with you pool's ongoing maintenance, contact the experts at Super Shark Pools for cleaning, repairs and more. Call us today at (941) 225-3970 or contact us on our website here. We look forward to serving you.

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