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Reducing Pool Chemicals In Your Maintenance Routine

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Reducing pool chemicals can help keep swimmers with skin sensitivities safe.

Maintaining Your Pool While Reducing Pool Chemicals Can Help Reduce Exposure To Those With Sensitive Skin

Maintaining a safe and sanitary swimming pool requires the use of chemicals in the water to help with wildlife, pests and bacteria. On the other hand, many pool owners try to be conscious about exposing their family and friends to excessive pool chemicals with their water. There are some chemicals that all pool owners will need to use to maintain a safe swimming pool. Using the right chemicals at the right time will help to avoid waste, and adding more chemicals than necessary. Here is our guide to reducing pool chemicals:

Methods Used For Reducing Pool Chemicals

Saltwater Chlorine Generator

Rather than adding chlorine directly to your pool, this method uses a generator that produces chlorine through a chemical reactive process known as electrolysis. This keeps a constant stream of chlorine flowing into your pool, so you won’t need to use excess chlorine tablets. You will need to use algaecides and other cleaners with this method, which are all available through Super Shark Pools door to door delivery service. Perks of using a salt water generator is, it produces softer water and there is always chlorine being pushed - which will reduce the need to shock the pool with extra chlorine.

Ozone Generator

A great pool chemical replacement is ozone. It is an almost odorless and colorless gas that can clean water faster than chlorine and does not irritate the skin or eyes. Unlike chlorine, ozone also leaves no byproducts other than oxygen. However, with ozone you will still need chlorine or a salt water system to guarantee constant sanitization, just not nearly as much. Ozone works to dissolve all organic types of pollutants while a small amount of chlorine is used to keep the water clean.


An indoor pool alternative is Bromine - a chemical sanitizer that works as an alternative to chlorine. Bromine can be more potent and stable than chlorine, and does not add cyanuric acid or calcium to the pool. This also works best in high temperatures and is preferred by most in hot tubs.

Let Super Shark Pools Help You Find The Right Balance Of Pool Chemicals At Your Home

There are many options for reducing pool chemicals while still having safe and clean water. We would love to help you find the right solution for you and your family - If you are in need of pool cleaning, pool services, and chemical control in the Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda areas give us a call at 727-433-5320 or contact us on our website - Super Shark Pools!

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