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Door To Door Sales

Door to Door Pool Supplies Delivery


Super Shark Pools is pleased to offer door to door delivery at no additional charge for our most popular pool supplies. The process is simple. We come out and test your pool and then deliver the pool supplies needed based on our inspection. We provide you with only the products you need to maintain an enjoyable pool environment for you and your family year round.


Contactless Pool Supplies Delivery


When you call us for an inspection of your pool, our technician will schedule an appointment within 24 hours to come out and test your equipment and your water. Once our inspection is done, we will leave your chemicals and other pool products right there at your home. We can also apply the chemicals for you depending on your delivery plan. Because you are billed electronically, the entire service is contactless which keeps you and your entire family safe and worry free.


Any Kind Of Pool Supplies Delivered Right To Your Door


We provide a wide range of name brand pool products and are always adding more for added variety and convenience. From chemicals to filters, and parts to floats, Super Shark door to door delivery service can literally provide you with any pool product you can find at a big box store all without having to leave your home.


Benefits of Super Shark Pool Door To Door Delivery


  • We will check your water and inspect your equipment for free

  • Contactless service 

  • We will supply only what you need to keep it cost effective for you our customers

  • Notify you of any issues

  • Fast, easy and reliable

  • Over 45 years of experience 

  • No more trips to the store and buying $100s of dollars in chemicals

  • Pay only for what your need

  • Electronic billing

  • Fast easy simple


Call Us For Door To Door Pool Supplies Delivery Today


We have over 47 years in the pool service industry. Let Super Shark navigate the rough waters and simplify your pool care. Call us at (941) 225-3970 to set up your service plan today or contact us using the form here on our website.


Get A Water Analysis Included With Your Delivery!


Ever wonder if you're checking your pool chemicals correctly? When you place an order of $50 or more, you can get a free water analysis done by one of our Super Shark pool service professionals when your order is dropped off!

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