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Residential Swimming Pool Repair


Your Tampa Bay Residential Pool Repair Experts

With over 47 years in the pool service industry, Super Shark Pools is equipped and ready to provide high quality service and workmanship for all your pool repair needs. We understand the unusual physics of a pool and can tailor our repair techniques to your specific pool design. We are licensed and insured and go the extra mile to ensure our customer's satisfaction. We pride ourselves on superb pool maintenance and residential pool repair. We can assist with equipment installation and leak detection.


When Super Shark arrives at your location, we will be fully equipped. Many pool repairs can be a simple fix, while others can be extensive in nature. A thorough inspection of your pool will be performed prior to any work. We understand the nature of all types of leaks and will use the techniques that are right for the problem.

Super Shark Pools, Lakewood Ranch, Residential Pool Repair

What Kind Of Residential Pool Repair and Equipment Problems Can You Help With?

When we repair a pool at Super Shark, our technicians will require the removal of the surface material or substrate. From there, they can carefully inspect any damaged areas or areas that may be causing leaks. A swimming pool leak can cause extreme damage to the pool walls and floors. We apply a very strong epoxy that strengthens and binds the pool material together. An additional proprietary mixture is used to further strengthen the repaired areas.

We're more than just swimming pool leak detection expertsFlorida swimming pools are being constantly run all year long, which means that wear and tear on equipment can occur more frequently. This means when a problem is detected, it is critical to get them taken care of fast before they turn into major problems.

At Super Shark Pools, we have become familiar with the many advances in pool technology and can make repairs to almost all types of pool equipment including salt chlorination, lighting, filters, heating equipment, remotes, control systems and more.

How Do I Tell If My Pool Is Leaking?

There are some tell tale signs to watch out for to determine if your pool has a leak. Look out for any of these signs:

  1. If your water is losing a 1/4" of water each day

  2. Chemistry problems, discoloration and algae

  3. Check the deck area for loose tiles or cracked pavement

  4. Check to see if any of your equipment pipes show signs of corrosion

  5. If the soil or yard around your pool is muddy or soaked, you may have a leak.

Some leaks can be as thin as a hair and are virtually unnoticeable by the human eye. We use special detection tools and technology that can help identify leaks quickly and efficiently. If you suspect you have a pool leak, call us now before the problem and repair costs become much larger.

Call Super Shark Pools For All Your Residential Pool Repair Needs

Super Shark Pools has dedicated professionals and modern equipment to diagnose all your pool related problems. From repairs to old equipment to newer models, we can handle all your pool repair needs. If you are having trouble with your pool, call Super Shark Pool Service today at (941) 225-3970 or contact us on our website here. We look forward to serving you.

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