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Super Shark Pools, Sarasota, Florida, Saltwater Pool Conversion

Saltwater Pool Conversion Service

The Ultimate Guide to Saltwater Pool Conversion: Enhancing Your Pool Experience

Building a swimming pool can provide a great source of relaxation and enjoyment during the summer months here in Florida. However, traditional chlorine pools can be harsh on the skin, eyes, and hair. This is where saltwater pool conversion comes in. Super Shark Pools can convert your existing pool to a saltwater system, so you can enhance your pool experience and enjoy numerous benefits. Learn more about the process of saltwater pool conversion, the benefits it offers and the factors to consider before taking the plunge.

Benefits of Converting Your Pool to Saltwater


Soothing And Gentle On The Body


One of the primary reasons why people choose to convert their pool to saltwater is the gentle and soothing effect it has on the body. Unlike traditional chlorine pools, saltwater pools use a salt-chlorine generator to produce chlorine. The chlorine produced is milder and less irritating, resulting in a more comfortable swimming experience. Saltwater pools are particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin or those prone to allergies.


Lower Maintenance and Cost Savings


Saltwater pools require less maintenance compared to traditional chlorine pools. Once the conversion is complete, you will no longer need to purchase, handle, and store large quantities of chlorine. The salt-chlorine generator automatically produces the required chlorine, reducing the need for manual dosing. Additionally, the chemical balance in saltwater pools is more stable, reducing the need for frequent adjustments. These factors result in cost savings over time, making saltwater pool conversion a financially viable option.

Reduced Chlorine Smell and Discoloration

One common complaint with traditional chlorine pools is the strong chlorine smell and the discoloration it causes to swimwear and pool accessories. Saltwater pool conversion eliminates these issues. The lower chlorine levels in saltwater pools result in a milder scent, allowing swimmers to enjoy the pool without the overpowering smell. Additionally, saltwater does not cause discoloration, ensuring that your swimwear and pool accessories retain their original colors for longer.

Super Shark Pool Service, Sarasota, Florida, Saltwater Pool Conversion

How Does The Process Of Saltwater Pool Conversion Work?


The process of converting your chlorine pool to a saltwater pool involves several steps. It is essential to hire a professional swimming pool equipment installation company in order to follow each step carefully to ensure a successful conversion.

Step 1: Assess Your Pool


We begin by assessing the condition of your pool. We check for any leaks, cracks, or other structural issues that may need to be addressed before the conversion. It is also important to evaluate the filtration system to ensure it can handle the demands of a saltwater pool.


Step 2: Purchase And Install A Salt-Chlorine Generator


Super Shark Pools can provide options on the best salt-chlorine generator for your particular pool and budget. This device is the heart of a saltwater pool system as it converts salt into chlorine. Our experts will recommend options that are suitable for the size of your pool and is compatible with your existing equipment.


Step 3: Adjust the Pool's Chemistry


We need to add salt to the pool. However, it is crucial that we first balance the pool's chemistry. Adjusting the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels are different with a salt-chlorine generator. Our experts will educate you to the proper levels to ensure that your new salt-chlorine generator functions optimally.


Step 4: Add Salt to the Pool


Once the chemistry is balanced, we will add the required amount of salt to the pool. The salt dissolves in the water and passes through the salt-chlorine generator, where it is converted into chlorine. 


Step 5: Monitor and Adjust


Regularly monitor the pool's salt and chlorine levels to ensure they stay within the recommended range. Adjust the settings on the salt-chlorine generator as needed to maintain the desired chlorine output. It is also important to regularly clean the salt-chlorine generator's electrodes to prevent mineral buildup.

Choose Super Shark Pools For Professional Installation And Saltwater Pool Conversion

Converting your pool to a saltwater system can be a complex process, especially for those who are new to pool maintenance. Fortunately, Super Shark Pools is here to help you through the conversion. Converting your pool to a saltwater system can enhance your pool experience and offer numerous benefits including a more comfortable swimming experience to lower maintenance and cost savings. By understanding the benefits and process of conversion, you can enjoy all the advantages it brings. Ready to enhance your pool experience? Call Super Shark Pools at (941) 225-3970 today or contact us here on our website for our expert installation with your saltwater pool equipment.

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