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Is Swimming In Chlorine Safe?

Important Information About Chlorine Safety

Chlorine is a chemical sanitizer that comes in tablet, powder and liquid form - playing an important role in your pool maintenance and pool cleaning process. While some may have questions about chlorine safety, it is a routine chemical added to most swimming pools in order to keep the water safe to swim in and to kill off germs.

It is understandable to have concerns about chlorine safety and swimming in a chemical but there is no reason to worry. “The immediate benefits of disinfection far outweigh any potential long-term exposure risks,” said Lindsay Blackstock, a doctoral student in analytical and environmental toxicology at the University of Alberta.

What Are Safe Levels Of Chlorine?

An effectively maintained pool should have a chlorine level of 1.0 - 3.0 ppm which is less than the chlorine levels in our drinking water. Some proactive methods to protect our bodies while swimming in chlorinated pools: waiting at least 3-4 hours directly after adding chlorine to your pool. Swimming outdoors or in well ventilated indoor pools, and to shower before and after swimming in your pool.

Practicing chlorine safety is an important way to keep your pool water safe. Managing the chemical levels of your pool water, keeping your water pH balanced, and preventing algae. Chlorine has many benefits in keeping a healthy pool. Chlorine instantly kills bacteria in water. Once added to water, it forms a new substance called “hydrochloric acid” which blocks harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic dangers. Chlorinated water stays clear and cleaner longer, giving you that pool for your family to enjoy.

In Conclusion, Chlorine Safety Is Nothing To Worry About

So, yes! Swimming in chlorine can be safe as long as you take proper care of you, and your pool. Super Shark Pools has been in the pool business for over 47 years. Our regular maintenance plan provides you with regular analysis, balancing of pool chemicals, vacuuming, skimming, tile cleaning and filter cleaning. All our technicians have background checks and are all factory trained professionals. You can count on our professionalism, chlorine safety, and a sparkling pool. Book with us today: 941-225-3970.

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