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Super Shark Pools, Sarasota, Florida, Pool Equipment Repairs

Pool Equipment Repair Services


Call Super Shark Pools For Reliable Pool Equipment Repair

When you need pool equipment repair service near Sarasota, Venice or Port Charlotte, the expert pool repair technicians at Super Shark Pool can help. We have been selling and servicing all brands of pool equipment for years and are a trusted team of experts when it comes to performing any warranty repairs on pool equipment. We sell and service Aquacal, Zodiac, Hayward and Jandy brands just to name a few. Our technicians understand that pool equipment including pumps, filtering systems and heaters all make for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for you and your family. Our services include sale and service of all pool pumps, filters, heaters, lights and more. Additionally, we provide ongoing pool cleaning and pool maintenance of the equipment we sell


Our Technicians Can Provide Stellar Pool Equipment Repair Service Often In The Same Day


For expert pool repair knowledge, choose to work with Super Shark Pools. We have years of experience and virtually any part in stock to manage any pool equipment repair issue you may be having. No matter what your pool repair need is, we have the parts and the expertise to repair the issue quickly and cost effectively. Some of the swimming pool equipment we help maintain includes the following list.


Your pool's filter system is one of the primary components that ensure your swimming pool is functioning at its best. When your filter stops working, your pool may begin to accumulate algae problems or cloudiness in the water. If you notice any signs that your pool's filter isn't working properly, the team at Super Shark Pools can come to the rescue and ensure you can enjoy your pool.


When your pool's pump stops working, the signs will be obvious, because pretty much everything else in your pool will stop working as well. Your pool's pump is the heart of your swimming pool. It circulates the water to keep it clean. So, it is critical that it keeps working. If your pump is not working the Super Shark team can diagnose the problem and repair any issues needed

Heat Pumps

If you have a heat pump that has malfunctioned, call Super Shark right away. A failing heat pump likely means that you pool's pump system needs to be repaired as well. Choosing not to fix the problem, means your entire swimming pool can become damaged. It is advisable to call us right away before a simple problem becomes a very big one.


Pool valves are used to direct the flow of water into and out of filters, pumps and the pool equipment in general. Without the functionality, the entire pool fails. We have several years of experience repairing and replacing valves to ensure your pool maintains optimal water flow.

Chlorination Systems

Ensuring that your pool contains proper chlorine amounts is essential to the health of your pool. This is because chlorine is used to kill harmful bacteria in the water, along with algae, mold and swimming pool stains. However, unbalanced chlorine amounts can contribute to rashes, eye irritation and more. We can typically make simple repairs that will allow your family to use the pool safely.


If your pol stops working entirely, there could actually be a number of issues causing the problem. One of those problems could be a malfunctioning timer. Whether your timer is missing pins, is set incorrectly or is having power issues, the Super Shark Pools team can diagnose the issue quickly in order to make repairs as needed.


Here in Florida, the nights are warm and there's nothing more enjoyable than a good night swim. However, this can become next to impossible, not to mention uncomfortable, when there is no lighting. Unfortunately, when there is no lighting, it creates a safety concern. Our team has the experience to install and repair lighting in and around your pool so you can safely enjoy your pool after the sun sets.

Automation Systems

Modern technology has made keeping tabs on your pool flawless. Many pool owners can manage systems right from their smartphone. However, like all things mechanical, even these high tech systems can break down. When that happens, Super Shark can come to the rescue and get your automation back in sync again.

Gas Heaters

Swimming pool heaters can be one of the most complicated pieces of pool equipment. Because your heater typically uses propane or liquid gas, mistakes while making repairs can be hazardous. That's why it is important to have an experienced pool technician handle this type of pool equipment repair.

Saltwater Systems

Saltwater pools have gained in popularity for many pool owners. Rather than use chemicals to sanitize your pool, a saltwater system manipulates the chemistry of salt and turns it into chlorine. This is less irritating to the skin and eyes and doesn't give off a chlorine smell like most pools. However, not properly maintaining your pool's saltwater system can result in discomfort. A simple pool maintenance program can ensure your pool's salt system is working all year round.

Super Shark Pools, Sarasota, Florida, Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs Near Me

If Your Pool Needs Repairs Or Maintenance, Call The Swimming Pools Experts At Super Shark Pools

No matter what kind of pool equipment repair you may need, Super Shark Pools can help. With several years of experience, there isn't much we can't do. Residents of Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Venice and North Port rely on us for fast repairs, fair pricing and only the best service. Call us at (941) 225-3970 to schedule you repairs today or contact us using the form here on our website.

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