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Converting To A Saltwater Pool

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

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Any pool can be converted to a saltwater pool

Super Shark Pools Are Your Saltwater Pool Professionals

Converting your pool to a saltwater pool is much easier than you think, so let's dive right in! Any pool can be converted to a saltwater pool, because saltwater pools already use chlorine. So, you will not need to drain your pool. While the transition is fairly simple, it is recommended to hire a professional pool company to do the job right.

How To Convert An Existing Pool To A Saltwater Pool

  1. Balance your pool water so all levels are stable. With the help from Super Shark Pools, you’ll never need to worry about the equipment we install or the chemicals we use, because we are factory trained professionals from some of the industry’s top brand names. Call us if you need pool supplies delivered right to your door.

  2. Install saltwater system.

  3. Add salt to your pool. Depending on the size of your pool, will depend on the amount of salt you will add.

  4. Test your pool and make sure all of the chemicals are balanced.

Why Would I Want To Convert To A Saltwater Pool?

The main reasons people convert to a saltwater pool are:

Saltwater Pools Are Low Maintenance

All of the chlorine the pool needs now comes from the salt in the pool, which reforms naturally in the water after splitting apart making your pool very low maintenance. The pool still loses some of its salt and chlorine sources over time, but this happens much slower than in a chlorine pool. Saving money and time!

The Water Is Softer In A Saltwater Pool

Salt water feels much softer on the skin than traditional chlorinated water, and if maintained properly, can help you avoid itchy skin, red eyes, and damaged hair.

No More Chlorine Smell

Many people are concerned about chlorine made from chemicals. Salt-water pools create chlorine from a salt solution, splitting the sodium and chlorine ions, creating its own free chlorine in solution, which is why it does not smell like pools chlorinated from traditional tablets.

Want To Convert Your Pool To Saltwater? Let Super Shark Help

If you would like to work with a professional to install your saltwater pool or to convert your existing pool to use a salt water system, please call Super Shark Pools at (941) 225-3970 or book with us online. Learn how a saltwater system may benefit your home!

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