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Super Shark Pools, Sarasota, Florida, Pool Chemical Balancing

Swimming Pool Chemical Balancing


Our Weekly Maintenance Plan Can Help Keep Pool Chemical Balancing In Check


At Super Shark Pools our staff has over 47 years of pool service experience keeping residential and commercial swimming pools clean, healthy and ready for warm weather swimming. A weekly service plan can not only keep the pool clean, it can make sure the pool chemical balancing is always perfect. At Super Shark Pools, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers the finest personal service in the pool repair and pool maintenance industry. 


There Is An Easier Way To Get Pool Chemical Balancing Done Correctly


We recognize that many pool owners take great pride in cleaning the pool themselves. There may also be a screened in pool and using an automatic pool cleaner works great. While cleaning the surfaces of the pool is great, taking time each week to ensure proper water chemistry is another important matter to consider. The typical busy homeowner often doesn't want to take the time each week to do the following:

  • Sample the water

  • Drive to the pool store

  • Wait for one of the employees to test the water

  • Buy the recommended chemicals needed

  • Carry heavy chemical containers to the car

  • Making sure not to spill chemicals on clothing and car interiors

  • Read instructions on proper applications

  • Store leftover corrosive chemicals around the home exposed to kids and pets

Fortunately, at Super Shark Pools, we have removed the hassle of guessing how pool chemical balancing gets done and gets done right.

Super Shark Pools, Sarasota, Florida, Swimming Pool Water Testing

Weekly Chemical Balancing Services


A weekly maintenance plan from Super Shark Pools saves you time and keeps your pool perfectly balanced and healthy for the swimmers in your family. Our service includes:

Call Us And Let Us Go Above And Take Care Of Your Swimming Pool Chemical Balancing Today

Let us come to your house and properly test and balance your pool water each week. We will apply all the proper products you need to give you that perfect resort quality pool each and every time. You, in turn, save time and avoid possible damage to your pool by servicing it consistently. Not only do we balance your water but we keep your filters and skimmer baskets clean and clear as well. Call us at (941) 225-3970 to set up your service plan today or contact us using the form here on our website.

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