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What Does Shocking The Pool Mean?

Super Shark Pools, Bradenton, FL, Shocking The Pool
Shocking The Pool

What You Need To Know About Shocking The Pool

Shocking the pool is the process of adding chemicals to your pool to help break apart chloramines (chemicals that have been combined), raise chlorine levels, and help fight off bacteria and algae.

Chlorine levels can shift depending on the contaminants in the water like sunscreen, sweat, oils, and even urine. Chlorine is made to attack and sanitize so the pool is safe to swim in but can also cling to ammonia and nitrates while in water. The way to release these chemicals is by shocking your pool - keeping it safe to swim in.

Shocking a pool is done by raising the levels of your chlorine for a period of time before lowering the levels back to normal. This will eliminate the bacteria, algae etc. bringing your chlorine levels back to a sanitizing state.

When Is Shocking The Pool Needed?

If there is a strong chlorine smell coming from your pool this indicates that the chlorine has mixed with nitrates and bacteria and the chlorine is no longer sanitizing the water.

We recommend shocking your pool in the evening after everyone is done swimming for the day. Shocking will raise the chlorine levels and may cause irritation to the skin and eyes. During the evening will also help prevent the sun from boiling the chlorine out of the pool, keeping the shock more effective.

Are There Special Occasions Where Shocking The Pool Is Required?

  • After a party - the more people swimming in your pool will add more strain on your chlorine. The more people, the more bacteria and oils from sunscreen will arrive in your water.

  • After a period of hot sunny weather (especially in Florida) - the sun aids in boiling the chlorine out of the water and when the temperature increases so does bacteria. Algae is a plant that thrives on sunlight, allowing it to grow at a faster rate.

  • After a period of excessive rain - Rain will sometimes increase the pH of your pool. When your pH is out of balance, your chlorine is not as effective. Rain also carries pollutants and pollen which will land in your pool through the rain. (Keep an eye out during summertime in Florida... Excess rain!).

We're Experts In Swimming Pool Maintenance

Knowing when to shock your pool will help keep your chlorine levels safe and save you money. Many owners add chlorine when it is not needed to help maintain but they are actually not benefitting the pool, but wasting money and chemicals. At Super Shark Pools, we strive to be your pool maintenance service provider. We can help with pool maintenance, pool cleaning, pool repairs, installation, and more.

Our commitment to service and technical expertise makes Super Shark Pools the ideal choice for you and your family. Call us today at 941-225-3970 or contact us on the web here.

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