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Pool Safety Products To Consider This Summer

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Getting the right pool safety products can keep your pool accident free.

These Pool Safety Products Can Enhance The Swimming Experience And Keep Your Pool Accident Free

Many of us consider owning a pool relaxing and fun. However, swimming pools can also pose an element of danger. Without the right precautions and pool safety products in place, serious injuries or worse can occur.

Adding safety products to your pool can keep your swimming environment accident free. This article will discuss some essential pool safety equipment that is essential for your home that is available from Super Shark Pools.

Different Types Of Pool Safety Products

Pool Fence Alarms

This type of safety product is mounted to a fence or the wall surrounding your pool. It detects motion by infrared beams. If an unwelcome visitor happens to break the device, an alarm is sound and the homeowner is alerted. Fence alarms are not exposed to water so they are cheaper than those that are and sit at the water's edge. However, they can be triggered simply when children or other swimmers are walking by the unit.

Underwater Pool Alarms

This product uses sonar to detect underwater movement. Underwater alarms are great for families as they can detect any type of water movement such as when a small child accidentally falls in the water. When this happens, the alarm goes off immediately. The downside is that for most of these products, the only way to turn them off is to physically remove them from the pool and turn them off or on to sleep mode.

Floating Sensors

Floating sensors are a different type of pool alarm that float on the water and go off when the water is disturbed. They are very efficient and cost effective. Keep in mind, however, they have a tendency to get triggered in rains and heavier winds.

Pool Covers

Preventing toddlers and anyone else from accidentally falling in the pool is critical to pool safety. However, it's not always about motion detection devices. When thinking about safety, consider a pool cover. When shopping for a pool cover, you will want one that can support the weight of an adult. Be sure to get a pool cover that is ASTM certified. They can support up to 4,000 pounds. Pool covers can be purchased through Super Shark Pools with our door to door pool products delivery service and our team can have them professionally installed for you for optimum protection.

Always Have Life Vests On Hand

When you have little children, toddlers and other non-swimmers, life vests are the easiest way to go for safety until they can learn to swim on their own. It may sound like overkill to have life vests in the pool, but it is always best to be safe than sorry.

Keep Your Pool Safe With Super Shark Pools

Taking all the precautions when you have small children at home is important to pay attention to when you own a pool. Pool safety should be taken very seriously. Super Shark Pools provides exceptional pool and spa care and services to North Port, Port Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Our customer service is second to none and our rates for pool repairs and pool maintenance are affordable. Other services include water testing, diagnostics, leak detection and equipment repairs for residential and commercial pool systems.

Call us today for a free pool analysis when you take advantage of our door to door pool equipment sales. Or contact us for a quote on all our pool service and repair needs. We can be reached at (941) 225-3970 or contact us on the web here. We look forward to serving you.

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