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Tips For Weekly Pool Maintenance

Super Shark Pools, Punta Gorda, FL, Weekly Pool Maintenance
Simple Weekly Pool Maintenance Can Help Keep Repairs And Service Visits To A Minimum

Keep Your Swimming Pool In Peak Condition With These Weekly Pool Maintenance Tips

Regular weekly pool maintenance with cleaning keeps your water clear, safe, and inviting to swim in. What do you do between maintenance visits? Here are our best at home pool service tips to keep your pool clean between maintenance.

How To Maintain Your Pool At Home Between Professional Services

1. Skim the Surface / Vacuum

Skim the pool on a daily basis to keep the unwanted debris from settling on the pool floor. Use a pool skimmer (net) to remove leaves, pollen, bugs, and other debris from the surface of the water. If there has been a storm (especially for those Florida summers) it is likely that your pool will need extra skimming after and maybe vacuuming with an automatic pool cleaner to reach the bottom of the pool.

2. Clean The Surrounding Area

You can help prevent things from falling into your pool by monitoring / cleaning the area surrounding your pool. Making sure nothing can be pushed into the pool that doesn't belong and making sure nothing gets left in when done swimming. (toys, floating devices etc.) Another pool maintenance tip to be mindful of is gardening near your pool. Make sure to not plant any trees or plants that could shed its leaves or branches into your pool

3. Brush the Pool Walls

Using a soft pool brush can help prevent algae or other build-up like calcium deposits on the walls or bottom of the pool. Clean the tiles and the grout between them with a soft bristle scrub brush to help keep your pool clean between professional pool cleaning visits.

4. Check PH Level

The pH level refers to the alkalinity of your pool and the calcium level. To ensure that everyone enjoys using your pool, it is important to keep the swimming pool pH levels in balance at all times. If the pH is too high, it could cause skin irritation and corrode metal parts on the pool requiring frequent and expensive pool repairs. If the pH is too low, it could create a situation where the chlorine in the pool isn't as effective. Pool experts recommend a pH level between 7.2 and 7.8. If you discover that your pool is not balanced, you should call your pool company to fix the issue in a safe way.

Simple Weekly Pool Maintenance Keeps Your Pool Clean And Service Costs Low

Whether you own your own pool or manage a community pool or even a water park, Super Shark Pools is the pool maintenance company of choice in Punta Gorda. Your only concern is the comfort and safety of your swimming guests and Super Shark pools is here to provide you with the most reliable pool service.

We’ve been in the pool business for over 47 years and we strive to be Punta Gorda’s most dedicated pool service provider. Alongside our Pool Maintenance Tips please contact us today for a free pool analysis and more information for your pool maintenance plan (941) 225-3970 or on our website here.

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