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Common Pool Plaster Problems

Super Shark Pools, Sarasota, Florida, Pool Plaster Problems
A pool's plaster can stain due prolonged exposure to metals and other debris.

Here In Sarasota, Florida, Swimming Pool Plaster Problems Occur From Common Wear And Tear

The allure of a sparkling pool on a scorching, Florida, summer day is undeniable. However, beneath the shimmering waters, the pool's plaster plays a vital role in both its functionality and appearance. Swimming pool plaster problems can develop over time and start to break down due to pool chemicals, water and environmental factors requiring professional swimming pool repair.

What Are Some Typical Swimming Pool Plaster Problems A Homeowner Might See?

There are several reasons the plaster in your pool might start to break down over time. And, here in Florida, pools can get a lot of use that can accelerate the break down. Some common pool plaster problems may include:


Pool plaster can develop stains from metals in the water, leaves, or other debris. These stains can appear as rust-colored, green, or brown discolorations on the pool's surface.


Cracks in the pool plaster can result from ground movement, temperature fluctuations, or structural issues. These cracks can allow water to penetrate, potentially leading to pool leaks and further damage.


Etching occurs when the pool's pH levels are too low (acidic), leading to the erosion of the plaster surface. This can result in a rough or pitted texture.


Scaling happens when the pool water has high calcium hardness levels. As the water evaporates, calcium deposits can accumulate on the plaster surface, leaving behind a scaly or rough texture.


Delamination refers to the separation of the plaster layer from the concrete or gunite pool shell. This can cause the plaster to loosen or flake off in patches.


Over time, pool plaster may break down, releasing small particles into the pool water. This can result in cloudy or milky pool water and may be time for pool resurfacing.


The color of pool plaster can fade over time due to exposure to sunlight, chemicals, and the elements. Fading can diminish the pool's appearance and may require resurfacing for restoration.

Super Shark Pools, Venice, Florida, Swimming Pool Plaster Problems
Don't let plaster problems ruin your fun in the water. Call Super Shark Pools for repairs.

When Repairing Your Pool's Plaster Is Needed, Call The Pool Repair Pros At Super Shark Pools

Addressing pool plaster problems promptly is the key to preserving the beauty, comfort, and structural integrity of your aquatic haven. Whether it's through regular maintenance, water chemistry management, or even resurfacing, the solutions are within your reach.

Dive into the world of pool care armed with knowledge and rest assured that your pool will continue to be your refreshing escape. Let Super Shark navigate the rough waters and simplify your pool care. Contact us through these options: call us at (941) 225-3970, contact us on our website here, and save $15 when you book with us online!


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