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Six Things You Should Know Before Buying A Home With A Pool

Super Shark Pools, Bradenton, FL, Six Things To Know Before Buying A Home With A Pool

Are you in the market for a new home? If so, you might be interested in buying a home with a pool. After all, here in Florida when the summertime temperatures reach their peak, a swimming pool is an amenity that is definitely hard to pass up. However, before you dive in, it is important to have the pool properly inspected by a qualified home inspection company, as well as, making sure you consider all the pros and cons of having a pool.

Before Buying A Home With A Pool, Consider The Pros And Cons

Swimming Pools Require Regular Cleaning And Work

If you want a home with a pool, be sure to know that swimming pools require work. A lot of work. If you don't care for your pool on a regular basis, you might incur problems and large repair bills to get it running again. If you are indeed prepared to be a pool owner, you will need to regularly clean and treat the pool water, as well as the pool deck to ensure foreign objects don't end up in the water. Minor pool repairs will need to be made and the water needs to be tested regularly and shocked to maintain good quality balance.

Treating the pool water is vital to a good swimming environment. Failure to do so can lead to a pH imbalance that can cause algae to grow and discolor the water. To avoid problems with your pool, you should plan to hire a pool service company like Super Shark Pools to take the burden of work off your hands. Letting professionals maintain your pool can be a worthwhile investment.

Having A Home With A Pool Can Contribute To A Healthy Lifestyle

It goes without saying that swimming pools can contribute to an overall increase in quality of life. Swimming is an excellent low impact aerobic exercise that can have several health benefits including an improvement in cardiovascular health and one's flexibility. It can also improve your mental health. Feeling stressed out? There's no better cure than a dip in the pool.

Swimming Pools Use A Lot Of Electricity

It used to be that if you wanted to stay cool in Florida, your Air Conditioner would use the most electricity. Not so in a home with a pool. It is important to know that pools use electricity and you will notice an increase in your electric bill. In fact, homes with swimming pools use an average of 49% more electricity than those without.

There Are Risks Associated With Having A Pool

Pools can also present dangers and hazards if caution is not taken to prevent accidents. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children who are injured under the age of 4. Many communities may require that all pools have a gate or enclosure. However, the pool owner is still responsible for injuries in their pool whether the know who is in their pool or not. A good suggestion is to make sure to teach children about pool safety at a young age and invest in CPR training for the entire family.

A Home With A Pool Will Increase In Value

For most homes here in Florida, investing in a pool can increase your home's property value significantly. It is a huge selling point for both buyers and sellers.

Insurance Rates Will Increase

It may be obvious but homes with a pool tend to pay higher insurance premiums than those that don't have a pool. This is due to the risks that swimming pools present as mentioned above. Furthermore, adding slides and diving boards can increase insurance rates even more, since these are additions that have the potential to cause injuries.

Before You Buy A Home With A Pool, Talk To The Pool Experts At Super Shark Pools

Super Shark Pools is a pool service company based in Bradenton, Florida that offers pool cleaning, pool maintenance and repairs on all types of pools throughout Tampa Bay. A pool is a wonderful addition to a home. Be sure to call us at (941) 225-3970 and talk to us about a scheduled maintenance program designed to protect and beautify your swimming pool. Call or contact us today. We look forward to helping you care for your new pool.

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