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Why & How Going Solar With A Solar Pool Cover Will Save You Money On Your Florida Electric Bill?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

One of the primary benefits of going solar is saving energy and eliminating or significantly reducing the electric bill. However, many people do not consider the possibility of conserving more energy and reducing electric bill by using solar pool covers. In fact, you can cut a huge chunk of the heating cost of your swimming pool by simply using a solar pool cover.

If you are one of those homeowners who're tired of paying hefty electricity bills, then you may want to go solar and save money on your Florida electric bill. If you already have gone solar, you might be wondering why your electric bills are still so high. Many people use more electricity than what their solar panel system generates and that's why their electric bills are considerably high even after going solar.

As swimming pools are quite popular in Florida homes, they have become a part of the Florida Dream. That explains why over 40 percent of all single-family homes sold in Sarasota County last year had private swimming pools. The point is that one of the reasons for your high electric bills is your swimming pool. In fact, electric heat pumps of pools can consume a lot of energy and add up to high electric bills. If you care about saving your money on your Florida electric bill, consider the use of solar pool cover. If you’re wondering how solar pool cover helps reduce electric bill, then here is everything you need to know about them.

Why Go With Solar Pool Covers?

If you want to keep your swimming pool protected while also ensuring that there is a dip in your electric bill, pool covers are a great solution for you. And you can also choose from plenty of pool cover sizes and shapes. If you need more convincing, here are 5 of the benefits of solar pool covers.

They Save Energy Costs

1. This is one of the primary benefits of swimming pool solar blankets. As per the United States Department of Energy, you can save 50-70% on energy by covering your pool water surface. Research shows us that solar pool covers can result in energy costs savings of about 52% to 85% all-year-round, dependent on climate temperature.

The solar pool cover not only helps in heating up your pool, but also in retaining the heat as well. With these blankets on top of your pool, you won't need to run a swimming pool heating system every now and then.

They Increase Water Temperature And Help Retain It

2. Solar pool covers capture heat from sun, traps it within the bubbles, and then transfers the heat to the water. Depending on factors such as the duration of sunlight and the intensity, they can help raise water temperatures and retain them as well. Moreover, solar pool covers are lightweight and super easy to install. They’re also quite affordable as compared to other alternatives.

They Help Save Water

3. A solar pool cover works as a physical barrier, which helps prevent evaporation. By preventing the evaporation of about 60-80% water, it indirectly saves your energy costs because you won't have to refill your swimming pool a lot. It also reduces your water bill and helps in saving your money.

Reduce The Cost of Pool Chemicals

4. A solar pool cover also helps in preventing the reduction of pool chlorine, which results due to the sun's UV rays. It also reduces the amount of stabilizer in the water by preventing evaporation. With almost very little evaporation of water and degrading chlorine, you can save money with less chemical replacements. It can easily reduce chemical consumption by 40%.

They Improve Water Cleanliness

5. As most swimming pools are out in the open areas, you can find leaves, insects, and dirt in them. Solar pool covers can keep up to 90% of debris out of your swimming pool. With a cleaner pool, you will be looking at reduced costs from less usage of water and energy to less chemical replacements.

Overall, everything related to your pool is connected to solar pool covers in one way or another. They keep the running costs low so that you get to enjoy quality pool experience.

How Solar Pool Cover Help Reduce Energy Costs?

A solar pool cover looks very much similar to bubble wraps. It is usually made of polymer or resin. The bubbles on the cover help trap the heat. You can easily find solar pool covers in different shapes and sizes. It also comes with a reel which makes it super easy to put on or remove the cover, especially if you have a rectangular pool.

If you want to heat your pool naturally, solar radiation is the solution. The sun rays enter the water and heat it, but the water loses the heat in the absence of a solar cover. In other words, a solar cover traps the heat, eliminates evaporation, and reduces your energy consumption.

There are clear solar covers to allow more light energy and there are light blue or dark colored solar covers to trap the heat in the pool. Solar pool covers can heat the pool, depending on the amount of daily sunshine and the surface area it covers. It can also reduce heat loss, depending on the average nightly temperature and the area it covers. A study by Colgate University found that using a pool cover each night can result in saving 30% of energy cost. There’s no rocket science behind the working of solar pool covers. It is just that they are not so complex and they deliver great results.

Are You Looking for Pool Service and Pool Products?

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Save Money on Your Florida Electric Bill With Solar Pool Cover

If solar pool covers didn't work at all, they would've gone obsolete by now. So, if you want to save money on your Florida electric bill, solar pool covers can make a noticeable reduction in it. Moreover, there are other benefits of solar pool covers as well that make them a good investment. We hope that you found everything you needed to know about swimming pool solar covers and contact us if you need Sarasota pool repair services or affordable pool service and pool products.

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