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Incorporating Elegant Water Features Into Your In-Ground Swimming Pool

Super Shark Pools, Bradenton, Florida, Swimming Pool Water Features
For a dramatic look, consider adding one or more waterfalls to your pool.

Elevate Your Swimming Experience With Pool Water Features

For the enthusiastic pool owner, we understand the desire to elevate your backyard swimming experience. Adding special water features truly allows you to transform your pool into a private oasis. A pool owner may want to consider incorporating waterfalls, fountains, infinity edges and more into a swimming pool's design. With the help of an experienced pool builder, you can create a customized water feature that enhances the look and enjoyment of your pool.

Types of Pool Water Features to Consider

One of the best ways to elevate your swimming pool experience is by incorporating decorative water features. There are several types of features to consider that can transform your pool into an oasis.


Fountains add visual intrigue while the soothing sound of splashing water creates a tranquil ambiance. Fountains come in a variety of styles, from tiered rock fountains to modern stainless steel designs. The height and power of the fountain should be matched to the size of your pool for the best effect.


For a dramatic look, consider adding one or more waterfalls to your pool. Waterfalls can range from small rock formations to massive cliff faces, depending on your space and budget. The thundering sound of the water cascading into your pool will make you feel like you have your own private lagoon.

Infinity Edges

An infinity edge or perimeter overflow, allows water to spill over the edge of the pool into a catch basin below, creating the illusion of an endless water feature. The sleek design of an infinity edge can make a striking design statement. However, infinity edges may not be ideal for families with small children due to the drop off.

Spas and Jets

For the ultimate in relaxation, incorporate a spa or water jets into your pool design. Spas provide warm, bubbling water that can soothe away stress. Water jets produce targeted streams of water for a invigorating massage. Both spas and jets take your swimming experience to a whole new level of luxury.

When planning to add water features, it is important to consult an experienced pool builder like Super Shark Pools. They can evaluate your space, suggest appropriate features based on your needs and budget, and ensure all features are installed properly for safety, longevity and an amazing finished result.

Benefits of Adding a Water Feature to Your Swimming Pool

As swimming pool builders, we understand the desire to create an oasis in one’s own backyard. Incorporating water features into a swimming pool design is one of the best ways to transform an ordinary pool into a luxurious retreat.

Enhance the Ambiance

The soothing sounds of splashing water can help mask unwanted noises from pool equipment and will create a sense of calm. The visual appeal of water in motion also enhances the ambiance, giving the space a spa-like feel. Whether it’s the gentle trickle of a fountain or the dramatic impact of a waterfall, water features are aesthetically pleasing and help elevate the overall swimming experience.

Customize Your Poolscape

With options like fountains, waterfalls, infinity edges, and water jets, homeowners have flexibility in choosing features that complement their unique tastes and poolscape. For example, a towering waterfall feature works well for tropical-themed pools, while sleek water jets are ideal for contemporary designs. Consulting with an experienced pool builder is key to selecting, designing, and installing features that achieve your desired look and function.

Increases Property Value

A swimming pool is already a valuable addition to a home's value. Well-designed water features not only improve quality of life, but they can also increase a home’s property value even more. Their appealing nature gives a luxurious impression, and their custom details reflect an investment in creating an enjoyable outdoor living space. For homeowners interested in the long-term value of their property, incorporating water features into the pool is worth considering.

Super Shark Pools, Bradenton, Florida, Water Features
Fountains add visual intrigue while the soothing sound of splashing water creates a tranquil ambiance.

How to Choose the Right Pool Water Feature for Your Backyard

When selecting pool water features, there are several factors we must consider to choose options that perfectly suit our needs and the overall design of our pools.

Types of Water Features

As mentioned, the types of water features available range from fountains and waterfalls to infinity edges, spas, and water jets. Fountains and waterfalls create a dramatic visual effect with water cascading into the pool. Infinity edges give the illusion of an endless water surface. Spas provide a secluded area for relaxation, while water jets produce streams of water for an invigorating massage.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing water features requires technical construction skills to ensure proper plumbing and water circulation. Routine maintenance like cleaning filters and pumps, as well as repairs, also demand time and expertise. For complex features, it is best to consult an experienced pool builder like Super Shark Pools.


The costs of pool water features vary significantly based on the types and sizes selected. While small fountains or a few water jets may be relatively affordable, an elaborate multi-tiered waterfall or large spa can cost tens of thousands of dollars. We need to set a budget and choose options within our price range.

Compliance with Safety Standards

For the safety of anyone using a pool, we must ensure that any water features we install meet industry standards. This includes proper circulation, filtration and drainage to avoid stagnant water; slip-resistant surfaces; and barriers or railings to prevent falls, especially for elevated features. Our pool builder can advise you on all necessary safety regulations.

Call Super Shark Pools To Discuss Adding Swimming Pool Water Features To Your Pool Design

If you are considering a brand new swimming pool for your home or want to enhance the pool you have, options like fountains, waterfalls, infinity edges and more can make a huge difference in the layout of your pool. Call the pool construction experts at Super Shark Pools today at (941) 225-3970 or contact us on the website here. The investment will be worth it when you’re relaxing and playing in your personal backyard paradise.

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