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What To Do When There Is An Alligator In Your Pool

Super Shark Pools, Bradenton, FL, Alligator In Your Pool
Finding an alligator in your pool in Florida is more common than you might think.

Living in Florida, a pool is a must to help survive those hot summers but having a pool might invite unwanted guests. Alligators are popular animals that live in Florida and move from one body of water to the next. That body of water could unintentionally be your pool leaving you with the need to remove the alligator in your pool.

Add A Barrier To Prevent An Alligator In Your Pool

Alligators ending up in your pool happens more commonly than you might think. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, nuisance alligator removals have averaged 7,726 removals per year since 2001.

The most efficient way to stop alligators (or other creatures) from entering your pool is by creating a barrier. A fence is useful, but a screened enclosure will help prevent most animals from entering your pool. It is a piece of simple pool maintenance that Super Shark Pools can help install and it will keep the animals away from the chemicals in the pool and help keep your family safe from possible disease and injury from the wildlife. In addition, a cover or leaf net when the pool is not in use, will help to keep smaller creatures out.

An Alligator In Your Pool Will Eventually Leave

Most of the time, alligators are traveling and taking a dip along their way. Most alligators will leave on their own and don't want anything to do with you. That said, alligators can still be very dangerous to you, your family and your pets. If they stay long or you want them removed right away it is best to call a professional.

When you are at a safe distance from the alligator, call your local animal control office. If you do not have the number for the animal control office, call 911 and they will connect you to the animal control unit. Stay a safe distance away until the officer arrives.

If you find an alligator in your pool, the chlorine is strong enough to eliminate any germs that the animal may bring into the water. The CDC says that the wildlife entering your pool is not a health risk. Raising the chlorine level for about 30 minutes will help to ensure that no contaminants remain - just to play it safe.

Call Super Shark Pools For Expert Cleaning After Removing An Animal From Your Pool

Super Shark Pools has been in the pool business for over 47 years. You can count on their professionalism, reliability, and a job well done in helping to clean your pool after an alligator removal.

At Super Shark Pools we have a close connection of vendors and qualified pool specialists allowing us to have the opportunity to service all areas including Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Venice and Manatee County. Do not hesitate to call, even with questions about alligator removal - we can point you in the right direction and assist further to ensure safety. Call us today at (941) 225-3970 or contact us on our website here.

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