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Causes Of Hot Tub Foam

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Hot Tub Foam is a common issue and can easily be fixed.

What Is Hot Tub Foam And How To Get Rid Of It?

Have you ever removed your hot tub cover only to find a tub full of foamy water? Hot tub foam is actually a common issue. We'll be going over what causes excessive bubbles in your hot tub and how to get rid of them.

The Three Main Causes Of Hot Tub Foam

Soaps And Beauty Products

Contrary to what you may think, foam in your hot tub can be causes by soap residue that is in your bathing suit. It can also be the result of chemicals, lotions and make up used on your skin and hair. If this is the cause of your issue, there are products known as scum digesters that can dissolve bubbles caused by soaps and skin care products. An oil absorber can also be beneficial for clearing up excessive hot tub bubbles.

Low Calcium Levels

Low calcium levels in the water have been known to damage equipment but can also reduce the water's surface tension and in turn allow for bubbles to form on the surface. Simple maintenance of your hot tub that includes testing the water using hardness test strips can tell you how much calcium is in the water. If the calcium levels happen to be low, using a calcium booster can help bring levels back to normal and protect your equipment from expensive pool repairs.

pH Levels Are Off

Spa and pool water that isn't balanced properly can cause all sorts of problems including algae, smelly water and also hot tub foam. A high pH level is often the most common cause of foam and can be adjuster using a pH decreaser. However, low pH may also be a source of the problem, which can consequently be fixed with a pH increaser. Regular testing of your water as part of your regular maintenance program can help keep your hot tub's water healthy and foam free.

Call Super Shark Pools To Take Care Of Your Pool And Hot Tub Maintenance Needs

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