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When Should I Turn On The Swimming Pool Heater For Winter?

Super Shark Pools, Sarasota, Florida, Swimming Pool Heater
With rising energy costs, a swimming pool heater in Florida doesn't cost as much as you might think.

Having A Swimming Pool Heater In Sarasota, Florida Can Provide Year Round Swimming Temperatures For You And Your Family

Here in Florida we can be thankful for many things including near perfect weather all year for swimming. However, world events and markets are causing energy prices to rise and unfortunately, there's no end in sight. Many home owners are paying close attention to their electricity usage and with the winter months approaching, that includes the swimming pool heater.

Fortunately, the winters here in the Sarasota, Florida area are fairly mild, sitting steady around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. For avid swimmers, this is shy of perfect swimming weather. However, a swimming pool heater can dial in that perfect temperature for swimming. What that perfect temperature is, however, depends on your budget along with a number of other factors. This leads to the question, when is the right time to turn on your pool's heater?

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Swimming Pool Heater In Florida?

Contrary to popular belief pool heaters are not just for pools up north. Swimming waters do get cold in Florida. There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider adding a pool heater.

  • Increases your home's value

  • Swim year round

  • Year round exercise

  • Host winter pool parties

  • Some pool heaters can cool your pool in the hot summers

When Is The Right Time To Turn On The Swimming Pool Heater?

There are several issues that determine how long it takes to heat your pool to the perfect temperature including:

  • Pool size

  • Outside air temperature

  • Current water temperature

  • Type of heater, ie heat pump, solar, gas, etc.

As a general rule and taking these factors in mind, it will take approximately one to two hours to heat a pool. So, when is the right time to turn it on? Basically, turn it on when you are ready to use your pool in the winter.

Unlike your home thermostat that you leave on year round to maintain a consistent temperature, a swimming pool heater can be turned on and off as needed. The ability to turn the pool heater off when you're not swimming can help you save money on your energy bills while enjoying year round swimming. Following a modest heating routine, will only cost you about a dollar a day to heat your pool during the winter in most cases.

Should I Invest In Heating My Pool?

If you want to extend your swimming season all year long and knowing that the cost to heat your pool is minimal, you may want to take the plunge and add a heater to your pool. At Super Shark Pools, we have several options in stock to choose from and our expert pool repair technicians will help with the installation. Call us today at (941) 225-3970 for a free consultation or contact us on our website here. We look forward to helping you enjoy the Florida swimming season all year.

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