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Top Five Reasons To Build Your Pool In The Winter

Super Shark Pools, Sarasota, Florida, Building A Pool In The Winter
Building a new pool in the winter often presents many benefits and cost savings.

Why Winter Might Be The Best Season In Sarasota To Build Your New Pool

The winter months in Sarasota, Florida bring mild weather, making it an ideal time to build a custom swimming pool for your home. While summer is often seen as the prime season for pool construction, there are several benefits to building a new pool in the winter. Construction costs are lower in the off-season, allowing homeowners to save money on their investment. Contractors also have more availability to start new projects, leading to faster completion times. Building in winter means avoiding the hottest months, allowing concrete and other materials to cure properly. Plus, the cooler temperatures are easier on workers. This results in higher quality construction. For homeowners looking to make a splash in the summer, winter is the perfect time to dive into a new pool project.

Here's Why You Should Consider Building A New Pool In The Winter

Building in Winter Saves Money

During the winter months in Sarasota pool construction companies such as Super Shark Pools have lower operating costs due to decreased demand, allowing them to pass on savings to customers. Materials and labor tend to cost less in the winter and there may be special promotions and discounts to keep business going during the off-season.

Super Shark Pools, a leading pool builder in Sarasota. We offer our lowest prices of the year for those who are looking to build a pool in winter. Customers can expect 10-15% lower costs overall for a winter pool project versus building in spring or summer. Lower prices combined with rebates and special offers provide substantial savings for homeowners.

Avoid the Rush and Get Your Pool Sooner

Here in Florida. pool contractors have more availability in winter. This allows projects to be completed faster. Homeowners can expect their Sarasota pool to be finished weeks or even months sooner compared to the busy season. Super Shark Pools aims for winter pool projects to be completed within 4 to 6 weeks on average, while spring and summer projects often take 8 weeks or longer due to higher demand and workload. For those eager to start enjoying their pool as soon as possible, the winter months are the fastest time to build.

Contractors Can Devote More Time To Quality

With lower demand in the off-season, Sarasota pool companies have more time to focus on each project. Contractors can devote extra attention to details and quality without feeling rushed by heavy workloads. Super Shark Pools ensures their signature high quality by performing additional checks and walk-throughs on all winter pools. Homeowners benefit from a carefully constructed, durable pool built to the highest standards. For long-lasting quality, building in winter is the smart choice.

Super Shark Pools, Building A Sarasota Pool In The Winter
Faster construction times in the winter allow homeowners to enjoy swimming in time for summer.

Avoid Summer Backlogs

During the summer months in Sarasota, most swimming pool construction companies experience significant backlogs in their schedules due to high demand. However, in the winter, pool builders generally have more availability to take on new projects right away. Homeowners who choose to build their Sarasota pool in the winter months can expect a quicker turnaround time from contract signing to final inspection.

According to industry estimates, the average pool construction project in Sarasota takes between 8 to 12 weeks in the winter compared to 12 to 16 weeks in the busy summer season. The shorter construction period in the winter means homeowners can enjoy their new pool sooner. It also reduces the time the property has ongoing construction, which many homeowners prefer.

Cooler Temps Are Better for Setting Concrete

The winter season in Sarasota provides ideal weather conditions for building an in-ground pool. During the cooler months from December through February, daytime high temperatures average in the mid-60s Fahrenheit, which is optimal for pouring and setting concrete. The chemical reactions that occur as concrete hardens generate heat, and cooler ambient temperatures help ensure the concrete cures slowly and properly. Extreme heat can cause concrete to cure too quickly, resulting in a weaker overall structure.

Lower humidity levels in the winter also aid the concrete curing process. When the air is less saturated with moisture, it is easier for the water in the concrete mixture to evaporate. This helps the concrete achieve maximum strength. In contrast, the hot, humid summer weather can inhibit evaporation and delay hardening.

If You Are Looking To Build A New Pool In The Winter Call Super Shark Pools Today

Despite the cooler weather, winter is an ideal time to build a pool in Sarasota. Contractors, such as Super Shark Pools, have more availability to start and complete projects, avoiding the busy season rush. Costs are often lower in the off-season with contractors eager to line up work. Homeowners can take advantage of sales on pool equipment and supplies to save money. Once complete, a new pool adds value to a home immediately. And when the hot summer months arrive again, homeowners will be ready to enjoy their new pool and backyard oasis. For those looking to add a pool in Sarasota, call Super Shark Pools today at (941) 225-3970 or contact one of our pool building experts online here.

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